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About/Contact Page

Welcome to the STM PTO Volunteer Manager Page.  The STM-PTO requests each family to volunteer 20 hours per school year in a wide variety of activities. We know some families are not able to do so and we offer an alternate of paying $300 for the school year instead.  

Please register as a volunteer and use your log-in information to volunteer for events, check the status of your hours, update your contact information, etc. 

The easiest way to volunteer for an event is to hover the mouse over a specific event in the scrolling screen on the left of this page. Simply click on the event to go to the Event Details page.

If you would like to reach a member of the PTO Board, our contact information is listed here:

PTO President:  Kassie Stewart, kassiestewart2000@gmail.com

PTO Vice President:  Jen Daulby, jen.daulby@mail.house.gov

PTO Secretary:  Leslie Gutowski, lesliegutowski@gmail.com

PTO Treasurer:  Randy Nunes, randycnunes@me.com

At-Large Member:  Renee Richardson, reneerichardson@me.com

At-Large Member:  Jenny McIntyre, jennyb.mcintyre@yahoo.com

At-Large Member:  Alexis Schneeberger, alexismed@hotmail.com